Media, Popular Culture and Gender
Course code FKC0095/1
Time 07.10.2020 - 17.10.2020
Place BFM, Narva nt.27, Tallinn
Target group soouuringutest huvitunud
Objective To learn some possibilities, methods and tools of critical analysis of popular culture from gender aspect
Content Overview of main theoretical concepts in cultural analysis from gender aspect.
Critical analysis of gender system, sex and gender (de Beauvoir, Bourdieu). Gender analysis of media in Estonia, Pilvre, Põldsaar, Siibak, Kalmus),
Eesti Naisuurimuse ja Teabekeskus Estonian Gender Research and Information Centre resources,
International databases AGEMI Online Knowledge Platform
Media and Gender Monitor jt)
Industry of affect and emotions
Women's magazines
Soap opera
Different masculinities and media (Craig, Kimmel, Hearn)
Analysis of gender representation in a portrait, video clip, show (press, TV)
Gender equality regulations and media, #metoo
Recommendations for media organizations and journalists (
Learning outcomes During the course, students obtain some research based methods and tools to analyse gender representation in media texts, pictures
Requirements Laptop or other device for writing on the spot
Graduation requirements Course in moodle, seminars and lectures in contact learning and zoom, individual work watching videos, reading texts, analysis of text and pictures, video-clips using appropriate methods
Learning environment esitlustehnikaga klassiruum, moodle, zoom
Teacher's competencies vähemalt MA ajakirjandus või kommunikatsioon
Volume 1 EAP (kontaktõpe 18 tundi, iseseisevõpe 10)
Document issued upon course completion TLÜ tunnistus
Teachers Barbi Pilvre, Ph.D ajakirjandus, BFMi dotsent
Course price 125 EUR (osaleja, hinnale ei lisandu km)
Minimum number of participants 6
Organiser Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School, Katrin Sigijane, 6199908,
aeg teema koolitaja + asutus ruum
 07.10.2020    17:30-19:45   Barbi Pilvre, BFM  
 08.10.2020    17:30-19:45   Barbi Pilvre, BFM  
 09.10.2020    17:30-19:45   Barbi Pilvre, BFM  
 10.10.2020    10:00-12:15   Barbi Pilvre, BFM  
 16.10.2020    17:30-19:45   Barbi Pilvre, BFM  
 17.10.2020    10:00-12:15   Barbi Pilvre, BFM  
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