FKC0160/2 - Cinematography: Introduction to Lighting and Camera Work


28.03.2024 - 13.06.2024


Tallinn, Narva mnt 27, Tallinna Ülikool BFM


60 academic hours (contact study 30 hours, independent study 30 hours)

Target group

Filmikunsti- ja fotograafiahuvilised, filmikunsti ja audiovisuaalse meedia erialast huvitunud


Developing the students skills in the field of cinematography and encouraging their reflection on their own professional activity, in order to increase the quality of their work.


Light sources and their accessories: positioning of the light sources, handling of the accessories, wiring of the sources to the network
Lighting fixtures: lamps; spotlights, projectors, accessories, operation and maintenance of lighting and filming equipment, rules on safety on set
Lighting schemes for chiaroscuro, lighting schemes for normal, lighting schemes for black and white, adjusting light and color in the image construction, light matching from scene to scene
Necessary lighting fixtures, lighting ratio, photometric parameters of the scene
Framing, camera angle, methods of approaching different types of subjects, frame as a morphological unit, framing for editing, sequence as a syntax element, camera movements (panoramic, vertical, horizontal, traveling forward , backward, crane movement), variable angle lens, shot list
Images that compose cinematic (virtual) realities: light and color effects, visual ambiance, spatiality, composition and angle, visual-plastic transformation

Learning outcomes

Use of lighting and camera equipment (light sources, light fixtures, camera, lenses, filters, accessories)
Application of the technical functions of light and camera in the visual composition of the image.
Ability of creating images that compose cinematic realities
Development of creative solutions for optimizing image creation processes
Awareness of the need for continuous training in the field


Basic notions of optics: visible light spectrum, image, image formation, electricity, units of measurement for light, rules of labor protection in the electrical field

learning environment

Kvaliteetse valgus- ja filmitehnikaga varustatud stuudio, klassiruum ja filmimiseks erinevad keskkonnad

Teacher's competencies

MA filmikunsti, operaatori eriala

Graduation requirements

Attending a minimum of 2/3 of the total hours of the course; participating actively during the teaching and learning process, appropriate handling of the studio equipment provided, teamwork, completing to the best of their abilities the practical assignments, proof of understanding and applying the principles of permanent learning and proper use of information, reflecting upon their own learning process

Document issued upon course completion

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Eduard Emanuel Leahu, Cinematography MA

Course price

960 EUR (participant, VAT won't be added to the price)


Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, Tiiu Maar, 6199903,

Minimum number of participants